Gas Ranges

Summit offers over 30 models of gas ranges, most of them designed to be budget-friendly solutions for compact spaces.

To narrow down your selection please consider the size first, Summit currently offers gas ranges in 4 widths: 20”, 24”, 30”, and 36”. 

Next, consider the type of gas you will be using: with the exception of the 2 WLM models design for propane only all Summit ranges are made for natural gas but can be converted to propane. Six of Summit ranges already come with a conversion kit included (RGH24RSS, PRO201SS, PRO247SS, PRO24G, RG200WS, and RG244WS), the other ranges are convertible to LP but the conversion kit needs to be purchased separately. 

One important thing to consider is open vs sealed burners. Ranges with closed burners have seales above the burners that do not let the flame touch your cookware directly, protect the burners from spillovers, and are a lot easier to clean.

A special note: many Summit ranges do not come with the cord and need to be wired by an electrician. Please read the description before you make a purchase.

Below are a few popular and unique Summit gas ranges:


At only 20” wide this model is great for small kitchens, apartments, basements, cabins, and other spaces where space is valuable. It features 4 sealed burners (1 high output, 1 low output, and 2 semi-rapid), partial stainless steel finish, and a porcelain-coated 2.3 cu. ft oven. 



These Summit products families come in sizes from 20” to 30” wide and boast a variety of standard and option features:

Sealed vs open burners


Towel bars

Electronic spark ignition and more

Importantly this range is made in USA and has a shallow 24” depth, ideal for L-shaped kitchens.





This model is Summit’s lowest price gas range and is a functional no frills solution when budget matters. It also has the smallest footprint: 20” wide by only 24” deep. Also made in the USA this model is available in both black and white colors and in 4 sizes up to 36” wide (36” in white only) and with optional battery start ignition.



This collection of 3 models are Summit’s widest ranges, all with storage compartments on the left side. Being that they are made in USA and include backguards, we find them an especially great value for the money, if you are after a large unit. Adjustable oven racks, solid porcelain ovens, and electronic ignition make the value even better. However, despite their size they still have only 4 burners (at 9000BTUs each) though they could certainly fit 6.




Last on our list are the 2 WLM models already mentioned above: a solution for off the grid living. These models work off a propane tank and allow cooking and baking in tiny homes, cabins, bunkies, and any other off grid property. Well priced and made in USA these units can bring all comforts of everyday cooking to your favorite place in the world!

We hope this guide has helped you make sense of Summit’s selection of gas ranges. For any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected]