Wine Cellars

Summit offers over 100 models of wine cellars ranging in capacity from 7 to over 170 bottles for both home and commercial use but selecting the correct one for you may be easier than it seems.

It’s a good idea to start your search by narrowing down the selection by bottle capacity, our most popular models for home use store between 28 and 50 bottles.

The next thing to consider is how many temperature zones a unit has: red and white wines are stored at different temperatures, so if you will be storing both types make sure to get a dual zone unit, of which Summit offers about 40 models.

Next, will your unit be freestanding or built in? Most Summit cellars can be built in but it’s best to verify before you buy.

The above 3 questions should narrow down your search to a few dozen units. The final things to consider are: the exact shape and size of the unit, features such as doors and shelves, and of course - the price.

Below we highlight a few unique and popular models by Summit to help you select the correct wine cellar for your needs.

1. SWC007 - The Super Slim

At only 6” wide this wine cellar will allow you to use the undercounter space that you thought was too small to be usable. This unit fits only 7 bottles but has the temperature range for both red and white wines.

2. SWC182Z - Summit’s Classic Undercounter Cellar

One of our most popular cellars, this is a dual zone unit that holds 28 bottles being only 18” wide, a perfect fit for typical home needs. Can be used both as built in and freestanding this cellar features 4 wooden shelves. 

3. SWBC3041 - A Combination of Beer and Wine

This unit is a marriage of a 24 bottle wine cellar and a beer kegerator and will bring happiness to many marriages! French doors, wooden shelves, 2 temperature zones on the wine side and a chilling 34F on the beer side, this unit is our top choice for outdoor kitchens!

4. STC6 and STC12 - Countertop Storage of Upright Bottles

Countertop wine chillers ideal for bars, restaurants, and wineries. A unique design that displays the bottles’ labels and a temperature range of 41 to 68ºF to accommodate both red and white wines.

5. SWC3668 - Higher Capacity Wine Storage

This is essentially a double wine cellar at 36” width, storing up to 68 bottles. Separate your whites from your reds with dual temperature zones and 5 wooden shelves on each size. The winning point of this unit is the capacity.

6. VC28S - Above Counter Built In Wall Cellar

No need to bend with this model. Builds into a kitchen similar to a wall oven or a microwave for an attractive display of 28 wine bottles at eye level when sitting. Only 1 temperature zone with a range between 42 and 72F.

7. SWC1926CSS - A Freestanding Cellar For 171 Bottles

Though Summit specializes mostly in undercounter cellars they have great options when it comes to full size freestanding units. This unit is their highest capacity at 70” high and 24” wide. This particular model has a single temperature zone but they do offer 2 zones within the same product family which reduces the capacity down to 160 bottles.

We hope you have found this guide useful. Summit offers over 100 models of wine cellars and the above represent only our selection based on our sales experience and product features. For Summit’s complete selection in Canada please visit our category of wine cellars